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Gonzalez, an, described how at times he would go to the room and hear what was being spoken in another language. Over the course of their interactions, he discovered that the people in the other room often talked about UFOs. The audio clips, which Gonzalez recorded himself, were published in a 2011 paper in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology. [RELATED: 'Migrant Storm' closes Texas border] The group of eight people described in Gonzalez's paper is not just a few young English speakers who live in Houston, but rather a group of Spanish-speaking immigrants. "We found out that the visitors were speaking Spanish, and that was of interest to us because we had received some prior reports that aliens and UFOs are really important to these people," Gonzalez said in an interview with The Washington Post. "We decided to go talk to them." For his study, Gonzalez and his colleagues developed a series of questions for their subjects. For example, one question asked about their experiences with UFOs. The questions differed between the first and second meetings with each subject. [RELATED: You just answered a Daily Caller question about immigration with a Daily Caller question about immigration] Despite his research being five years old, Gonzalez said he believes the topic is still a topical and current one. "It's still being discussed among the population," he added. The subjects in Gonzalez's paper were from a group of at least 18 immigrants, with an average age of 30, who lived in Houston. Two of the subjects had been deported from the U.S., but the remaining six were legal immigrants. The subjects had been in the U.S. for an average of six years. However, their duration in the U.S. ranged from one month to 28 years. After Gonzalez's team interviewed the subjects, they were able to identify those who had witnessed something "extraordinary." Out of the 18 people, eight were willing to speak to a journalist about their experiences. Gonzalez said his group encountered three groups of aliens. The first group was benign, and would talk about Santa Claus and Christmas. The second group was clearly hostile, and had painted graffiti on the walls of the house. The third group was the most intriguing. "All of them seemed to be aliens in the sense that they were beings not human," Gonzalez said. "I believe they are something that doesn't exist here." The researchers also videotaped the interactions




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Xparanormal Detector Pro Serial Number

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